An Irish Lullaby
An Irish Lullaby
An Irish LullabyAn Irish Lullaby
An Irish LullabyAn Irish Lullaby

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four leafed clover Louis Manzo An Irish Lullaby

Every great once in a while, a book or a film comes along that will stir the emotions, lift the spirits, and touch the heart.

That great once in a while is now, and the book this time is AN IRISH LULLABY.

In the tradition of works like GOING MY WAY, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE, and FORREST GUMP; AN IRISH LULLABY is a story for the ages.

The story depicts one person’s search for relevancy and fulfillment, set against the backdrop of one of the most controversial, moral, and burning social/cultural issues of our time: abortion.

You will laugh. You will cry.


Soon to be available at Amazon and local bookstores.

*Irish Lullaby by Steven Garreda – Music Box Version on Youtube