An Irish Lullaby Receives National Recognition Through the Independent Press Award!

independent press award an irish lullabyGlen Ridge, NJ – The Independent Press Award recognized An Irish Lullaby in the category of Religious Fiction as a Distinguished Favorite Award Winner.

The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected Award Winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.

An Irish Lullaby depicts humanties’ search for relevancy and fulfillment, set against the backdrop one of the most controversial, moral, and burning social/cultural issues of our time, abortion.

As Father O’Conner, an aging priest at Saint Aloysius Parish, contemplates his legacy, Anegla Sanchez, a troubled teen, sits in an abortion clinic awaiting her procedure. She is comforted by Aubrey Fitzgibbons, who is married to the church deacon but also serves as a leader in the local Planned Parenthood. More complications arise when Aubrey becomes pregnant, triggering a serious medical condition that threatens her life. Doctors recommend abortion, but something incredible is about to happen.

For the 2019 competition, the Independent Press Award had entries from across the globe. Worldwide participation included books submitted from cities such as London to Madrid, Dallas to Philadelphia, Calgary to Melbourne, Chicago to San Francisco, and many different countries such as Australia, Africa, Canada, Egypt, India, Japan, and Scotland as well as others.

“We are overjoyed to announce the winners and distinguished favorites in our annual 2019 Independent Press Award. Independent publishing is prospering in every corner of the earth, and we are thrilled to be highlighting key titles representing global independent publishing.” said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.

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