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Former Assemblyman Inks Contract For 2nd Book

Former New Jersey State Assemblyman, Louis Manzo, and Moonshine Cove Publishing of South Carolina have announced coming to terms on AN IRISH LULLABY, a fiction manuscript authored by Manzo. The planned publishing date will be late summer/early fall of 2018.

“We strive to put out quality books,” said Publisher Gene D. Robinson. “This effort is being recognized. One of our books [What Went Wrong with Oscar Toll by Charles Bush] was chosen as the BEST LEGAL THRILLER in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Awards, and another [How to Raise Respectful Parents by Laura Lyles Reagan] was named a FINALIST in two categories of the 2017 American Book Fest Awards.

“I am grateful for Moonshine Cove Publishing’s decision to bring my work to fruition,” said Author Louis Michael Manzo.

Manzo had previous success with his debut, non-fiction book, RUTHLESS AMBITION: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie, which was published by Trine Day Publishing of Oregon in 2014. The book was well reviewed and sold, according to its Amazon webpage.  Manzo also authors an opinion blog on the book’s website, which successfully forecasted political elections and events in the current day’s news cycle.

AN IRISH LULLABY is described as a modern day GOING MY WAY [the famed Academy award winning film directed by Leo McCarey and starring Bing Crosby]. The story depicts a person’s search for relevancy and fulfillment, set against the backdrop of one of the most controversial, moral, and burning social/cultural issues of our time: abortion. The story isn’t preachy but it is factually well-researched, with lighthearted moments that offset the serious themes. Read more