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readers favorite review an irish lullaby

An Irish Lullaby by Louis Michael Manzo

Reviewed By: Divine Zape Review Rating: 5 Stars An Irish Lullaby by Louis Michael Manzo is a bold and powerful novel that is as emotionally charged as it is mind-boggling. A tale that involves an aging priest, a woman torn between loyalties, and a moral question of the century. Aubrey Fitzgibbons is wife to the Church Deacon, but she also serves as head of the local Planned Parenthood agency. When she assists a teenager in a midterm abortion, she is torn between what the Church teaches her and her commitment to serving her community. But everything changes when she becomes pregnant and is diagnosed with a medical condition that threatens her own life. Everyone expects her to abort the baby, including her husband and doctors, but she is about to travel a path that will surprise everyone. Follow her on this perilous journey as she makes a very important and life-changing decision, and she learns to see her truth most intimately. This is a beautiful story with powerful moral underpinnings, a book about abortion that is intelligently plotted and executed with rare skill. I loved the characters, especially Fr. O’Connor, a gutsy kind of man with a dedication to his vocation that is rare to find. Readers will enjoy the multi-layered conflict and the dilemma in which the protagonist finds herself. The writing is excellent and readers will appreciate how the author handles the themes of religion, family, love and loyalty in this book. The dialogues are wonderfully crafted and the setting comes out vividly. An Irish Lullaby is a deeply moving story with compelling characters, and Louis Michael Manzo shows great skill in storytelling, weaving a tale that will keep readers enthralled.

readers favorite 5 stars an irish lullabyReviewed By: K.C. Finn
Review Rating: 5 Stars

An Irish Lullaby is a work of Christian fiction by author Louis Michael Manzo. Billed as an uplifting life story which depicts a journey to fulfillment, our heroic duo is a priest and a working mother. Father O’Connor is an aged priest verging on the brink of a reluctant retirement from Saint Aloysius Catholic Parish, whilst his parishioner, Aubrey Fitzgibbons, has many complications to add to her faith. She believes in contraception and abortion, so when she aids a teenage girl with the latter, the good Father gets involved in a last-ditch attempt to do something before he’s wheeled off to the home for old priests. In the middle of this madness, Aubrey herself becomes pregnant, but the condition of the fetus threatens her own life. Questions of right and wrong plague Aubrey and O’Connor as they navigate to a startling solution.

As an agnostic, I usually review Christian fiction with a certain hat on, removing my own beliefs from the process, but I didn’t have to do that with An Irish Lullaby. The plot is unveiled against the backdrop of Catholicism and plays very intelligently on the contradictions between traditional belief systems and the realities of modern life, which I really appreciated. I found both Aubrey and Father O’Connor to be really well-developed characters who have much more to them than just their faith. I could really get behind Louis Michael Manzo’s opinions on how the law and current social beliefs impact on issues such as abortion and the rights a woman has to her body. Bravo.

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