Reader’s Favorite Review by Samantha Dewitt

readers favorite review an irish lullaby

An Irish Lullaby by Louis Michael Manzo

Reviewed By: Samantha Dewitt [Rivera] Review Rating: 4 Stars

Aubrey is determined to do what’s best for those around her and when a young teenage girl comes to her, pregnant and frightened, Aubrey agrees to help her obtain the abortion that she wants, no matter what the church may believe. But Aubrey has a number of additional problems to worry about, including her own pregnancy and the distance her decision has created between her and her faith. But it’s not just about her. It’s also about Father O’Connor, who is facing leaving the church for the first time in a long while. The church and his church family are all he has, but finding a way to keep himself a part of it all is proving more difficult than he might have thought in An Irish Lullaby by Louis Michael Manzo.

An Irish Lullaby is a story about more than just Aubrey and Father O’Connor, but they’re the characters that you’re definitely going to be drawn to. Between them, Scaponi and Monsignor Norton, you’re not going to find a single dull moment. There’s always something going on and each character has their own story to tell. When religion and your own needs come to a head, it can be hard to know just where you stand. For Aubrey and for Angela especially, as they face the possibility of abortion and disaster amongst their church, it’s difficult to know what they will decide. An Irish Lullaby by Louis Michael Manzo is all about the challenges of life, for the young and the older, and about the choices that we all must make.

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